How to unpack and modify the hp monochrome laserjet pro m501dn

This hp monochrome laserjet pro m501dn is heavy. HP suggests using a cart or rolling interface to get it to the site. Place the box on a flat, smooth area. Open it by breaking the tape at the top and folding the flaps back.

On the top of the packaging material you will find the following items: A Configuration Guide. It is the elementary point by point guide for modifying your printer. A quick start guide to assist you in arranging and modifying the program. Rules for taking the printer out of the box.

The printer warranty. And a multilingual support guide with phone numbers and websites for contacting HP technical support.

When you have removed these items, pull the cardboard flap into the bag with the nutrition cable. Be sure to use this nutrition cable only for your printer. If you lose it, order a new one from HP or your HP dealer. And the installation CD. At you can download the program and drivers for your printer.

The installation CD provides access to the user manual, warranty and program information. Keep in mind that the USB cable and Ethernet cable are not inside the printer. If you plan to connect the printer to the network, you will need to purchase it separately. Remove the printer from the box at this time.

Place the box on its side so that the bottom of the printer is at the bottom. Mission your hand on the box, take the plastic packing material and take the printer out of the box. You may require someone to hold the box in place while you remove the printer. Set the box aside. Remove the end caps.

Remove the hp laserjet pro m501dn mono laser printer  from the protective bag. Lift the ends of the printer, slide the bag and set it aside. Remove the packing tape. Now insert the paper. Remove the paper tray from the printer. Slide the paper width and length guides as far as they will go. To obtain legal size paper, remove the extension from the tray. Fold the stack of paper to break blocked edges that have the potential to cause jams.

Tap the paper on a flat area to make sure the edges are adjusted and level. Load the paper so that it enters the printer first at the top of the page. Make sure the stack of paper is not higher than the marks on the paper guides. Slide the length and width of the paper in until it stops at the edges of the paper.

Do not push the guides until the paper is folded. Slide the paper tray back into the printer until it stops.

Locate the nutrition connector on the back of the printer. Plug the power cord into the power socket. Make sure the plug is acceptable seated.

Plug the other end of the nutrition cord into a nutrition source. HP suggests connecting the hp laserjet pro m501dn mono laser printer  directly to an electrical outlet, not an electrical outlet. Also make sure your nutrition source meets the printer’s minimum requirements. You’ll find them on the product label on the back of the printer.

To exploit the printer’s printing capabilities, insert a USB memory stick into the USB port. Make sure the drive is a USB 2.0 or higher with at least 16 gigabytes of memory. When linking your hp monochrome laserjet pro m501dn to an Ethernet network, link an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the printer.

Link the other end of the cable to a hub or switch connected to your system’s network port. Click the power link on the front of the printer to turn it on. The printer makes noise during initialization. Wait until the printer is idle and discreet before proceeding with configuration. This may take a few minutes.

Once initialization is complete, the control panel is on the right side of the printer. Remove the protective film from the screen. The first thing you will see on the control panel is the language setting screen.

Follow these rules, we will configure the printer for English. Press the arrow keys to move to your language. Press OK. Press OK again to check your selection. Press the arrow keys to navigate to your country or area