How to use the hp laserjet pro m521dn multifunction printer a8p79a

The hp laserjet pro m521dn multifunction printer a8p79a price which is less expensive than your average desktop mano a full multifunction machine, what I’m about to show you will justify the hp laserjet pro m521dn price so let’s dive right in and take a look at what you’ll get okay the features that I think are worth mentioning our

print copy scan and fax functionality is all included print speed of up to 40 pages per minute high resolution true 1200 by 1200 dpi output USB network and Wi-Fi connectivity the standard if you don’t require Wi-Fi

HP also manufacture the hp laserjet pro m521dn multifunction printer a8p79a which is the same in every other respect a 100 sheet multi-purpose feeder a 500 sheet paper tray optional 500 sheet additional tray and the cabinet are available 50 sheet automatic document feeder single pass dual head scanner for quick double-sided scanning easy to use eight point eight nine centimeter color touchscreen display

USB slot allows users to print from or scan to a USB pendrive

HP smart install allows you to install the machine onto Windows operating systems without a CD

Hp laserjet pro m521dn multifunction printer eprint and Apple airprint are included allowing users to bring wirelessly from a variety of smartphones and tablets users can scan to the cloud and Network folders reader is software is included to allow users to edit scanned documents HP offers either a six thousand or twelve and a half thousand page single piece toner and drum print cartridge

the high-capacity consumable offers the best cost per page although it’s not quite cheap to run as I have light okay so let’s bring you in for a closer look at the machine right before we take a closer look at the hp laserjet pro m521dn laser multifunction printer

on the box that the machine will come in it is absolutely massive but don’t be afraid to get the machine out because you will be pleasantly surprised

we’re going to have a closer look the machine so I’ve got a USB pen stuck into the side of the machine I’m going to show you how to print from usb so on the front you can see the touchscreen there’s an option for USB I’m going to print documents I’m going to select one of our standard samples and Press print, it’s now going to just process the document and within a few short seconds it will print out

how to copy on the device so this has a dual scammed ADF on top here so if I put a double-sided document into the ADF I’m going to it tell V at the bottom the documents loads I’m going to go into the copy option now you’ve got to go into settings and if you go through all the settings you will find an option for two-sided so it says one to one I’m going to find two to two and select that not going to mess around then the other the other settings and press copy and hopefully it’s going to work first time it’s not failed as yet now many multifunction machines will have taken the page through like so and then take it back through again to scan the other side but that’s gone it in one pass so if you’re doing lots of scanning and copying it’s going to be very very quick and there you go as the copy and there’s the original