Review of the HP Laserjet Enterprise M506 Series Mono Laser Printer

This compact, security-sensitive printer offers reliable production of high quality monochrome prints, and is perfect for your small or medium sized office.

With impressive print speeds of up to 43 pages per minute, the M506 is a high performance printer that maximises efficiency and saves you precious time.

This robust hp laserjet enterprise m506dn monochrome laser printer can produce large volumes of flawless prints due to the 1.2 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM, while the USB and network connectivity make the process quick and easy.

The 550 sheet input and 100 sheet multipurpose tray can be expanded to hold a massive 2,300 sheets with the use of additional trays – ideal for a growing business. To reduce ongoing costs, the M506 has automatic double-sided printing, which reduces paper waste by up to 50%.

Designed for the modern office, the hp laserjet enterprise m506dn monochrome printer embedded security features protect sensitive business data for each printing job, giving you professional anti-fraud control and peace of mind.

If you’re looking for the optimum user-friendly model, the M506x version of the series upgrades the LCD display to a 10.9cm colour touchscreen, and also comes with an additional paper tray.

To help your business benefit from all these features as soon as possible, the printer arrives with a free 6,000 page toner to get you up and running in no time at all. Overall, we believe that the HP Laserjet Enterprise M506 Series A4 Mono Laser Printer is the indispensable compact machine for your office, aiding productivity and data security whilst maintaining high quality printing. To find out more, head over to or get in touch with one of our printer experts over the phone today.

The brand-new hp laserjet enterprise m506dn monochrome laser printer product with an extract cartridge on the bottom so you have even more pages and that you can print so the regular device you can of course extend it with extra paper boxes on the bottom it’s easy to change out the toner as

we have a fast print speed of up to 14 duplex pages in one minute or the first page come out in only seven seconds which is really awesome we have a nice and big touchscreen for selling up to device and here of course NFC.

also you can and plug in or extend like we can also print wire USB or and do other things of course with their port on the back you have the regular posts that you already also know by network USB and power.

If something would go wrong with the paper paper jam or something would happen it’s easy to open up and change and also if you want to change the cartridge is also quite easy.

The hp laserjet enterprise m506dn price is one of the first things that you need to have in mind when you will buy it the first one, inside the box you only have to press one button on the side the cartridge and then it opens up on the front and it’s easy to take out the HP laserjet and print cartridge and with the number eighty seven eight in the case and yeah it’s easy just pull out and change that out and of course getting you want with a new toner inside just pull it back and close it up and then it will automatically

Be able to start printing really and quick mode with a single page in last ten or seven seconds as I said before of course we have the new technology inside for secure BIOS and everything is more secure in the environment but can read more about that on HP website this was the M 506.